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mild steel sheet

Iron is the most important element in the world. Without this element, the entire civilization will stop flourishing and moving forward. Iron is used in different forms and the most important form is steel. Steel is a highly durable product that is used in making and manufacturing a number of objects that are necessary in the daily lives. However, amongst the different kinds of iron and steel products, the mild steel products are the most popular ones and the widely used ones.

What is mild steel?

Mild steel is a steel alloy, where about 0.25% up to 2% carbon is used. Various other elements are also used in making the mild steel alloy, such as magnesium and silicon etc. Depending on the concentration of the carbon, the mild steel types are determined. Different industries require mild steel tubing, mild steel plate etc. for their industrial and specific needs. The largest part of steel production is consumed by this type of steel.

mild steel tube

Benefits of mild steel:

In many applications, the mild steel sheet and mild steel tube is used. This is because –

• These are less brittle than stainless steel.

• Increasing the proportion of carbon, the strength of the mild steel items can be increased.

• As it is less hard, its ductile strength is high and it is suitable for bending or to be drawn out into thin wires.

mild steel sheet

Where is mild steel used?

Mild steel pipe or mild steel bar is highly cost effective. In areas, where stainless steel becomes a more expensive option, mild steel is a better choice. In fact, if paint or other coatings are going to cover the surface area of the hot rolled steel, mild steel can be used in that surface. Mild steel can be used in every structural usage, where there is a need for the steel to bend and weld. This type of steel can effectively be used in welding and bending. The areas, where there is less chance for these steel products to be seen, mild steel flat bar can even be used in structural purposes.

Where to buy from?

Now that you have understood what mild steel is all about and its usage, if you need them for any of your industrial, structural or application-based use, it is a must that you choose the best mild steel suppliers. A supplier that has a wide range or stock of the mild steel articles and products is always the best choice.

You need to make sure that the supplier offers you a variety of flat steel products and long steel products. In fact, depending on the needs or the purpose of the steel usage, the choice should be made between hot rolled finished steel products and cold rolled finished steel products. The supplier that you choose, should be able to offer you the mild steel round bar, heavy rails, crane rails, light rails etc.A supplier that has been into this business for many years and has a good and long client list is always a trustworthy one.

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