Things You Should Really Know About Hot & Cold rolled finished steel products for a smarter purchase decision

The article focuses on various important facets related to hot & cold rolled steel products and long steel products so that you can make an informed purchase decision. It also aims to bring out the major benefits which are to be gained from both these types.

While giving a thoughtful consideration to metal stocks, metal forming or metal working mild steel products and long steel products, your mind must have often been perplexed over a common qualm and hesitation. Cold finished or hot rolled- which should be the perfect rolling system to do justice with your precise requirements? Making a cool, clear and correct choice between the two processes is inevitably a Herculean task as both the processes appear to be equally aligned with your ultimate objective of creating some sort of a uniform thickness in the different forms of hot rolled products, flat steel products and mild steel flat bar that you are dealing with. To proceed in a surefooted manner, you need to have a clear speck of rolling and metalworking in the first place.

How to define rolling?

As it is fairly self evident in the term itself, “rolling” precisely stands for a process of metal forming in which mild steel plates, tubes and pipes have to pass through a series of two, three or more rolls. The entire process is aimed at begetting some desirable physical properties in the steel sheets and bars. While passing through the rolls, the mild steel products get squeezed and flattened to be brought into a perfect shape.
In order to make a smart choice between cold finished or hot rolling methods of mild steel sheet you will also need to be well informed of the relation that both hot & cold rolled steel products share with an important thing called recrystallization temperature.

Recrystallization temperature

It is in fact this vital facade which sets the line of differentiation between Hot & Cold rolled steel products. The temperature of the mild steel plate or boiler quality plates which is evidently in need of metal forming or rolling is going to call the shot in terms of deciding which form of rolling has to be exercised. When the exact temperature of mild steel flat bar or MS plates or bq plates happens to be beneath the recrystalization temperature, it calls for cold rolling processes. On the contrary, when the steel pipes and bars have a temperature much higher than the regular recrystallization temperature (precisely 1700 degrees) they are in ardent need of hot rolling processes.

Now, let’s cut to the chase and drive straight into the beneficial aspects which you should be looking forward to while pinning your expectations on these two rolling processes.

What are the major benefits of Hot rolled finished steel products?

  • Hot rolled finished steel products display the capacity of forging itself into a wide spectrum of shapes.
  • The structural components of these products happen to be pretty compatible for cross sections.
  • Hot rolled finished steel products do have significant range of re-configuration capacities.
  • These are highly cost effective products.

What are the major benefits of Cold rolled finished steel products?

  • Such rolling processes can carry on in normal temperature.
  • Cold rolled finished steel products flaunt increased level of durability as well as strength.
  • Dimensionally, cold rolled finished steel products are more precise.
  • These products might cost you a bit initially but they will prove to be money saving in the long run for sure.

Cold finished and hot rolled steel products should always be chosen based on the usage or purpose. Both the variations come up with tensile strength and serve your purpose in the long run. Optimized processing and longevity are two vital attributes of hot rolled finished steel products which serve as the backbone for countless manufacturing entities. Whereas cold rolled finished steel products yield superior cutting speed, smooth surface finish and comfy size tolerance. You will be sure to get the streamlined productivity from these products when you show enough caution in selecting worthy mild steel plates manufacturers and mils steel plate dealers.