Mehta steels is stockist of rails:


Mehta steels is one of the oldest steel trading companies in Bhilai maintaining ready stock of prime heavy rails , light rails , iu rails & Rites inspected t 12 rails manufactured by renowned mills across the globe.


I.U.rails or industrial use rails:


The rails manufactured for the use in Industries are called industrial use rails or IU rails.

Following are the dimensions available with Mehta Steels of I.U. rails:

Lengths Available: the iu rails are available in the 10 to 13 meters in length in ready Stock

Custom Lengths: The Custom Lenghths are considered as special orders for further details write to us at: ankit.mehta@mehtasteels.com

Profile Weight Kg/Mtrs Top Width (mm) Base Width (mm) Height Width(mm) Web Width(mm)
UIC 60 60.34 72 150 172 18
IRS 52 51.89 67 136 156 15.5