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Crane rails

Mehta steels is a leader in crane rails supply


Mehta steels is one of the largest ISO certified steel trading company maintaining ready stock of prime ‘crane rails’ manufactured by best mills across the globe.


Mehta steels is a seasoned supplier of ‘crane rails’ like CR 80 , CR 100 , CR 120 to various prestigious projects and companies around the world such as material handling , power projects , port and logistic projects , steel mills , sugar industries , engineering projects , etc. Mehta steels provides complete know how of the crane rail profiles of both Indian as well as International origins.

Mehta steels maintains regular stock for crane rails of Indian origin.

Crane rails of Indian origin

    • CR 80
    • CR 100
    • CR 120
    • CR 140*

* Equivalent imported profile can be supplied on custom order basis.

Dimensions of Indian origin crane rails in stock with Mehta steels are:
Profile Sectional Wt kg/m Top Width(mm) Base Width(mm) Height Width(mm) Web Width(mm) A profile crane rails
CR – 80 64.2 80 130 130 35
CR – 100 89.0 100 150 150 40
CR -120 118.0 120 170 170 45

Lengths Available: The Crane Rails are available in the length of 10 to 13 meters ready in stock.

Custom lengths: The custom lengths are considered as special orders for further details write to us at: mehta steels bhilai

Crane rails supplied as per Indian standards

Mehta Steels is Pioneer in stock holding of crane rails manufactured as per Indian standards. Crane rails supplied by Mehta steels of Indian origin confirms to IS standards. Mehta Steels can also supply rails confirming to IS 3443 standards.

The technical specifications of Crane rails readily available in stock with Mehta Steels are as follows:

Crane rails of International Origin

European crane rail profile

Mehta steels supplies crane rails of European profiles from the best mills. These crane rails such as A profile crane rails are manufactured according to the European standards the range of tensile strength of this profiles range from 690 to 1080 N/mm2.

The standard lengths of European crane rail Profiles range between 6 to 11.8 Meters when shipped by containers when shipped in special conditions maximum length up to 24 meters can be supplied. Mehta steels supply European crane rail profiles in steel grades matching to various qualities and specifications as per clients requirements.

Mehta steels has access to regular inventories of the most popular European A profile crane rails and supplies the A profile crane rails across the globe.

Mehta steels stocks crane rail profiles of grade DIN 536 P1:1991

American crane rail profile

Crane rail profiles are supplied in accordance with ASTM specifications which are used for standard carbon applications or head hardened to provide greater wear resistance and fatigue life. The standard lengths of American standard crane rail profiles is 11.8 Meters when shipped by containers when shipped in special conditions length of 18 and 24 meters are standard other length can be considered on special requests.