Light Melting Scrap

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Light melting scrap

Light melting scrap also known as LMS.
Mehta steels specializes in supply of LMS tin can bundles and lms tin can shredded scrap.
Some of the benefits to buy lms bundle scrap from Mehta steels are:

  • Sources from own shortlisted and approved vendors.
  • Strict quality parameters followed.
  • Strict inspection at loading point.
  • joint inspection at the unloading point with buyer in case of any complaints.
  • prompt complaint resolution.

All the consumer cans or packaging materials with ferrous contents are segregated by various sorting processes and than baled or compressed in to various size of bundles making is suitable for charging in furnace. ISRI 213 steel can bundles : Steel can scrap compressed to charging box size and weighing not less than 75 pounds per cubic foot. Cans may be baled without removal of paper labels, but free of other non metallic impurities. May include up to 5 gallon tin coated containers.