Incinerated Steel Scrap

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Incinerated steel scrap

Mehta steels supplies clean incinerated steel scrap of middle fraction.

Incinerator scrap is produced from incineration slag or bottom ash – the remnants of burnt waste in incineration plants. The ash is processed into raw materials, giving it a valuable second lease on life.

Since this material is extracted from the slag it has extra impurities attached to its body which many times is difficult to remove after several cleaning processes. E46 Incinerator Scrap Shredded or by similar methods from recycled steel scrap waste incineration
Bulk density (dry weight). at least 0.9 t / m3
Metallic Fe content: at least 92%
Moisture: to separate agreement

Loose incinerated – Steel found in the bottom ash in loose form consisting predominantly of tin coated steel cans processed through an incinerating plant and magnetically separated following incineration and than cleaned through various processes.