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Mehta Steels 137, Light industrial area, Bhilai, Chattisgarh Pin- 490026, India.

Mild steel products


Mehta steels has supplied steel products from more than three decades and facilitated the growth story of not only individuals or corporate companies with various dream projects but also in nation building activity of modern India and few more nations by supplying widest range of steel products with prompt deliveries and customized steel specifications.


Rolled finished products:


Products which have been manufactured generally by rolling and which are normally not further hot worked in the steel works. The cross-section is uniform over the whole length. It is usually defined by a standard, which fixes the normal size ranges and the tolerances on shape and dimension. The surface is generally smooth, but reinforcing bars or floor plates, for example, may have a regularly raised or indented pattern.

  1. Flat steel products
  2. Long steel products

According to the stage of manufacture, a distinction is made as follows:
  1. Hot rolled finished steel products: Products generally obtained by hot rolling of semi-finished products and, more rarely, by hot rolling of crude products.
  2. Cold rolled finished steel products: Products generally obtained by the cold rolling of hot rolled finished products.
Mehta steels is stockiest of widest range of hot rolled steel products

The key products supplied and traded by Mehta steels are hot rolled flat steel products , hot rolled long steel products and raw materials. The mild steel products are derived from or based on the process they are made or by the use.

Hot rolled flat steel products

Mehta steels is renowned as largest stockiest of mild steel flat products mainly from primary Indian producers

Raw materials :

Mehta Steels is only dealing into imported ferrous scrap of various grades and types to India such as: