Steel Turning Scrap

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Steel turning scrap

Mehta steels supplies steel turnings of appropriate quality suitable for steel mills. Steel turnings are generated while working on steel  mainly when drilling , machining , milling , boring , grinding , etc works are performed on steel. this materials are usually of good quality or grade of steels.
Steel turnings supplied by Mehta steels are available in 2 forms :

  • Loose steel turnings
  • Briquetted steel turnings

ISRI 251 Heavy turnings : Short, heavy steel turnings, containing not over 0.05 percent phosphorus or sulfur and free of alloys.May include rail chips.May not include machine shop or other light turnings and must weigh not less than 75 pounds per cubic foot in the original state of production. ISRI 227 Briquetted steel turnings : Analysis and density to consumer’s specifications.