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Mehta Steels 137, Light industrial area, Bhilai, Chattisgarh Pin- 490026, India.

International Trade

Mehta Steels is one of the leading companies in export of steel products from India. We aim to leverage our strengths in marketing, logistics and technology. Mehta steels focus is to supply mild steel products to all the markets worldwide.

Who buys from Mehta Steels in International market.:

  • Fabricators.
  • EPC Contractors.
  • Construction companies.
  • Steel importers.
  • Ports
  • Large projects such as cement , oil , sugar , steel , etc.
  • Infrastructure companies.
  • etc

Why buy from Mehta steels:

  • Supplies right quality
  • Supplies quantity as low as 1000 kg for exports.
  • Can mix various product mix in one container for a LCL shipment.

We claim to be company of choice to buy steel for project companies as we cater to a vast need and mix of steel products delivered to the nearest port of choice of customer.

Products that Mehta steels export are:

  • Mild steel plates.
  • Boiler quality plates
  • High tensile plates
  • Chequerred plates
  • Crane Rails
  • Rails
  • Mild steel angles.
  • Steel channels.
  • Steel beam/joists.
  • TMT / tor Steel/rebar.
  • Dowel bar
  • Wire Rods
  • Binding wire – Used in civil construction to tie and join re-bars, tmt or tor steel in making of civil structure.
  • H.B.wire / mild steel black wire – Suitable for manufacturing wire nails and other wire products.
  • Crane rail clips
  • Crane rail pads
  • Crane rail sole plates