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Mehta Steels 137, Light industrial area, Bhilai, Chattisgarh Pin- 490026, India.

Mehta Steels fabrication division:

Steel fabrication services provided by Mehta steels :

Mehta Steels has tonnes of experience of steel handling , sourcing and product knowledge. Mehta Steels commenced its mild steel light and heavy fabrication activities in July 2011.
We work on the policy that “quality is the essence for any industry to excel”. Our technical know how has helped us a lot in achieving this.
Our quality policy stands on 3 virtues of quality
a) A continuous bench marking approach which leads to stage wise quality improvement.
b) A continuous learning environment for our workers which helps them to innovate the best working ideas.
c) A continuous dedicated effort to achieve “100% customer satisfaction”.
To achieve this quality policy we believe to support it with skilled labors which are in itself a reflection of our assured quality and a dedicated team of experienced professionals.
We have a rich experience in iron & steel trading which helps us to understand the quality of raw material to use.
The raw material is the launch pad of quality assurance in any field and it’s the strength of the fabrication division of Mehta steels.
We have done work on fabrication of structured beams, Trusses, Girders, and Ducting

Installed Machinery:
  • 1. MIG machine
    05 nos.
  • 2. Rectifier based Arc welding machine
    10 nos.
  • 3. Portable Tacking Machine
    02 nos.
  • 4. Grinding Machine
    06 nos.
  • 5. Pug Cutting Machine
    04 nos.
  • 6. Cutting Torches
    12 nos.
  • 7. Drilling machines
    02 nos.
  • 8. Movable crane
    04 nos.

Details of equipment manufactured
  1. Structural Trusses – Light Sections Installed at Corefab Projects private limited, Kothari chemicals etc.
  2. Girders – Heavy Sections Installed at Corefab Projects private limited, & manufactured for Alstom
  3. Ducting (Round) Branch Ducts for supply of Air, Water and Chemically hazardous materials
  4. Pre fabricated beams Includes Designing and fabrication of T sections, Heavy girders and long length trusses 5. Structural fabrication including built up beams, built up columns, bracing , bop structures , windmill structures etc.

  1. Balco, Korba
  2. Hindustan Dorr Oliver
  3. Thermax
  4. Isgec John Thompson
  5. Alstom
  6. Tata Projects limited
  7. Bhilai Engineering Corporation
  8. Corefab Projects Pvt Ltd
  9. Kothari chemicals

For fabrication enquiries:
  • Name
    Mr.Pratik Mehta
  • E-mail
    mehta steels bhilai
  • Ph.No.
    +91-9993530009 ,